Read the testimonials of customers who were highly satisfied with Eric Lemkin’s personal training programs and customized fitness classes:

“For many years my goal was to lose weight by getting involved in an exercise program. It didn’t work. I didn’t lose weight OR stick to the programs. I’ve realized this thinking was not only short-term, but shortsighted. What I really wanted was to have a strong, healthy body. I figured if I could change my goal to learning to enjoy working out, everything else would fall into place. About 3 years ago, I started working with Eric. His exceptional training skills and GREAT personality enabled me to find the fun and I kept coming back. Today, my pants are 2 sizes smaller and my entire body is muscularly balanced and strong! Eric has tweeked my workouts to benefit my golf game…time to start honing my short game ’cause I’m launching the long ball. Go for it!!”

-BJ Casabianca

“When I first started training with Eric, I was intimidated by the gym, the equipment, and the people. As a woman, I wasn’t sure I wanted to train with a man for fear it would be uncomfortable or I would get too ‘bulky’ with too much weight training. My fears could not have been more unfounded. Eric is a true professional and takes his business seriously. He has a keen sense of knowing what each of his clients need from their sessions. He doesn’t waste your time with excessive small talk and chit chat. He’s friendly and caring but his main focus is your unique health and wellness. He has complete focus on that goal. I had excellent results working out with Eric and always looked forward to my sessions with him. Just when you think you can’t do one more rep, he convinces you that you can and you do it. I would absolutely recommend Eric to anyone, man or woman, looking for a serious personal trainer and a serious work out.”

-Amy Hutt

“Eric is a wonderful trainer. He hits just the right balance between being challenging and supportive. He is very knowledgeable and willing to be flexible when scheduling probems arise. I actually look forward to training sessions. My training buddies and I gab and gasp for breath while he counts and encourages us.”

Jen Dawson

“My personal training experience has really made me feel better, both physically and in terms of boosting my self-esteem. Before working out with Eric, I had pain in my back and knees, and was carrying too much weight for my 5 foot 5 frame. My biggest challenge was my waistline, and the love-handles/muffin top around my hips. I have always been active, but found that my work out methods and diet weren’t working. With Eric’s twice weekly regimen, I have no more back or knee pain, and have strengthened all of my body. Most of all, I have lost that flab around my stomach. I feel challenged each week, and Eric combines different exercises using bands, weights, and discs. I now have increased stamina and a newfound energy level. My personal training with Eric has helped me look and feel great!”

-Liz Moulton

“I have trained with Eric for roughly two years. He is always

professional, accessible, and knowledgeable. His workouts are challenging and varied- I was never bored.”

-Mark Burton

My husband Ron and I had the pleasure of working out with Eric twice a week for a year. We met with Eric at 6:00 a.m. We found it to be a perfect way to start our day. He is a very knowledgeable personal trainer. Our training sessions were challenging and fun. We both found ourselves gaining lean muscle and stamina. I would highly recommend Eric for personal training or group training. He is a true professional.

-Cindy Folger

I have worked with several personal trainers over the years and find Eric to be one of the best. Over the two years I have worked with him, I have been impressed with his professional and personal maturity as well as his extensive knowledge of how our body works. As one of his senior clients I appreciate his ability to modify his activities to meet my personal needs. He has helped me achieve a level of strength, balance, and flexibility that enables me to stay healthy and active. I especially enjoy the Boot Camp that Eric designed to meet the needs of my colleagues and myself. He makes the exercise challenging and fun.

-Susan Mutschler

My favorite aspect of working out with Eric was that he listened to what I wanted and created workouts that were fun and effective. I was not thrilled about working out in a gym with weight machines or lifting dumbbells. Eric showed me that a workout can have variety. One of my favorite workouts was with a medicine ball. He had me tossing that ball against a wall and to each other and I felt great after and was really showing results. I did weight train with dumbbells, but I did it on a balance ball or a bosci ball. I always looked forward to the next visit. I asked him to be creative and he was. At the same time, he still had me do the exercises that were the most effective even if they were not fun. When I started getting compliments on my sculpted arms, I knew we were doing something right. He encouraged a balance of cardio, weight training and nutrition without being pushy. I would recommend Eric to everyone!

-Erin Sample

I’ve been training with Eric for almost 3 years now—not as regularly as I should! When I work with him, I do far more than I would if I were by myself which is a good thing. I tell him I’ll think of him for the next couple days after each session since I know I’ll have muscles ‘screaming’ at me!!

He has a quiet way, but yet makes me work harder than I think I can. I’d like to be able to work more frequently with him—maybe some day.

-Caroline Wolfe

I have been working with Eric Lemkin for nearly a year. This includes one-on-one training, groups of 2 or 3, and most recently “boot camp.” I have been thrilled with the results. At 57 years old, I am stronger than perhaps any time in my life. My stamina is better than it has been in years, and I feel overall healthier.

Eric is very knowledgeable, dedicated and professional. He offers his expertise in areas of diet and nutrition as well as physical fitness. I would encourage anyone to retain his services.


This is a testimonial to Eric’s training skills. Eric has given me the most effective workout sessions to date, and he is the third trainer that I have worked with. In a matter of a few weeks, family members and friends commented about how much weight I had lost, and how good I looked. The truth was, I did not lose even a pound, as I did not do any aerobics or diets. I was simply stronger, healthier, and my body shaped up extremely well. I did not have that experience in working with the other trainers for over a year. When measurements were taken a few months after working with Eric, I had lost inches from all areas of my body, and went down a pants size plus. It was unbelievable.

The most amazing aspect, however, is that after less than a month working with Eric and strengthening my hamstrings and posterior muscles, my plantar fasciitis, which had been plaguing me for over a year despite physical therapy and steroid injections, resolved completely. It has been proven to me that properly strengthening your body can help tremendously with everyday living, and all the little aches and pains can be reduced, at the least.

Eric is competent, intelligent, and extremely professional. His experiences include rehabilitative training, and that was very important to me, as I have had limitations from a motor vehicle accident. It was recommended to me that surgery would be required to return my left shoulder to better function. I have been able to avoid surgery since working out with Eric.

Eric is also up to date on the latest research and information, and uses the findings to better his sessions. Any time I ask for further information on other subjects, such as nutrition, he immediately responds and forwards the information. I don’t think the Toledo area has a more informed, professional, and effective trainer.

-Dr. Judy Boutros

I have not partnered with a better personal trainer than Eric. My workouts with him are always unique and keep me from hitting a plateau. In my opinion, one of Eric’s strongest attributes is making sure that your body develops muscle in a balanced and efficient way so as to avoid injury in sports and in day-to-day life. I have been an athlete and have worked out most of my life. Eric continues to challenge me in my workouts and I have never been more fit. His knowledge regarding healthy eating and fitness makes him a top-notch trainer who will tailor workouts for each individual and will not steer anyone down the wrong path with fads or short-term fixes. He is truly interested in making a positive impact on his clients’ lives – for the rest of their lives.

-Sharon Fulop

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